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This model could be customized to fit your application.


  • Electric
  • Air Powered
  • 12V Battery Powered
  • Rotating Arms
  • Vacuum Cup Size
  • Up-Turn Tilt


  • Metal Sheet
  • Glass Sheet
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Doors
  • Panels
  • Cartons
  • Stone (Flats)

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Below Hook Lifters
3,000 Model
7,500 Model
15,000 Model
Power Packs
Vacuum Cups


3,000 Series Manual Below Hook Lifter

Model #3000 Power Pack with LB-4R-2000 Load Beam. Low Profile Load Beam. Special Telescoping Operator Handle.

Model #3000 Power Pack with LB-4R-600 Load Beam. Crossarms of load beam rotate 90 degrees making pads in-line for narrow material.

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