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Burgess Manfacturing's experience in Vacuum Lifter Manufacturing assures you of the right design for your application.

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More Stacker / Lifters

#346 2 Position vacuum lifter

#544 3 Position Vacuum Lifter

#555 3 Position vacuum lifter

#878 3 Position vacuum lifter
With 90° Rotate Feature

#321 Three Position Feeder.

#409 Multi-Position vacuum lifter (used with #408)

#544 3 Position vacuum lifter


Model #878 Stacker

Model #878 is a Three Position Stacker with a 90 degree rotational feature. Product is picked up from position "1", rotated 90 degrees and delivered to position "2" or position "3".

Maximum Weight: 500 lbs PLC Controlled
Cycle Time: 30 Seconds Color Operator Touch Screen
Electric Servo Motor Drive Pneumatic Vertical Lift

Servo Motor Drive with Rack & Pinion
The Servo Motor is mounted on the moveable yellow carriage and its pinion meshes with gear rack mounted along the length of the track section. Although more expensive than rubber timing belts, the longer maintenance free life is worth the extra cost.


Indramat Servo Motors Absolute Encoder
Alpha Gear Box with 5 Year Warranty 2½" Rack & Pinion

Vacuum pad with flexible mount. Lock up device and 3-way shut off valve furnished on end pads for handling shorter sheets. Vacuum pad is machined aluminum casting with replaceable slip-on sealing ring.

This system was built for one customer's specific application. Allow us to custom build a system for your requirements.

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