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  • Electric
  • Air Powered
  • 12V Battery Powered
  • Rotating Arms
  • Vacuum Cup Size
  • Up-Turn Tilt


  • Metal Sheet
  • Glass Sheet
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Doors
  • Panels
  • Cartons
  • Stone (Flats)

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Power Packs

Vacuum Cups


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Autmated Systems

Standard & Custom Manual Below Hook Vacuum Lifters

Burgess Manufacturing manufactures standard and customized manual "below hook" lifting units. Below are multiple examples of vacuum lifters - with standardized power units.
Configurations of crossbars easily customized for your applications. We can supply simple manual systems specifically for your lifting needs, or supply equipment with the various options you require for lifting, rotating, tilting or other requirements.

Below Hook Units are available up to 15,000+ LBS.

We can design or modify a system for your specific requirements.

Larger Standalone units available too.

Air Powered Single Cup Lifters
Examples of simple - single cup vacuum lifters

Lift and tilt system
Lift and Tilt Vacuum Lifter

3 cup lifter
3 Cup Lifter - with handle

Lifter with panel
1000 LB. Capacity - 2 Vacuum Cups-Lifting a door panel. Black Handle in Front.

3,000 Series (FOR UP TO 3,000LBS)

Model #3000 Power Pack with LB-4R-2000 Load Beam. Low Profile Load Beam. Special Telescoping Operator Handle.

Model #3000 Power Pack with LB-4R-600 Load Beam. Crossarms of load beam rotate 90 degrees making pads in-line for narrow material.

7,500 Series (UP TO 7,500LBS.)
7,500 lb

Model #7500 Power Pack with LB-3-4000 Load Beam. Nonadjustable vacuum pads.

7,500 LB
Model #7500 Power Pack with LB-4R-4000 Load Beam. Adjustable crossarms and vacuum pads. Shown with optional parking stand.

15,000 Series (UP TO 15,00LBS)
15,000 lb
Model #15000 Vacuum Power Pack with LB-12R-12000 Load Beam. 12,000 pound lift capacity. Four point wire rope lift. Adjustable crossarms and adjustable vacuum pads.

15,000 lb lifter
Model #15000 Power Pack. 480/3/60 Volts. Features include: red & green indicator lights, disconnect switch, vacuum gauge, on/off selector switch, manual/auto switch and hand held release push-button.

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