391 4 position loader








Burgess Manufacturing Company Model #391 is a Four Position Loader with optional pallet dispensers and powered conveyor mounted on scissors tables. Two separate steel door products will be introduced via customers conveyor and will stop at one of two positions underneath Model #391. Model #391 will automatically dispense pallets onto supplied conveyors in preparation to accept stack of doors. Hydraulic scissors tables will maintain conveyor height. Model #391 will pick up doors from either position “1” or position “2”, transport and build a predetermined number of doors in a stack at the corresponding deposit positions. Once stack number has been achieved at either stack position, underlifts will lower to extreme down position lining stack up with existing conveyors and will automatically index stack out into customers conveyor line. Pallet dispenser will dispense new pallet and cycle will continue.

  • Maximum Weight: 150 lbs
  • Cycle Time: 17 Seconds
  • PLC Controlled
  • Pneumatic Power

This system was built for one customer’s specific application. Allow us to custom build a system for your requirements.