Model 598 Automated System
Model 598 Automated System








Burgess Manufacturing Company’s Model #598 is a complete system with Dual Head Vacuum Transfer, In-Feed Chain Conveyors, Alignment Table, and Outfeed Roller Conveyors. Customers acrylic sheets are introduced in stacked form from customers inventory onto chain conveyor #1. Stack will be indexed to chain conveyor #2, underneath Model #598 Vacuum Transfer. Chain Conveyor #2 will lift, via hydraulic scissors table underlift, to proper height. Model #598 head “1” will pick up unaligned sheet and transport to alignment table. Head will index back over position “1” to purchase next unaligned sheet while head “2” simultaneously purchased aligned sheet from alignment table. Both heads will transfer sheets. Aligned sheet goes to packaging box at center roller conveyor, unaligned sheet goes to alignment table. Cycle will continue until proper number of sheets have been achieved at packaging box. With count reached, full box will index out to packaging conveyor and empty box will index in to replace it. Customers unused inventory on chain conveyor “2” will index out to chain conveyor “3” for replacement in inventory.

  • Maximum Weight: 400 lbs
  • PLC Controlled 
  • Cycle Time:
  • 14 Seconds Pneumatic Power

598 Vacuum Lifting - Stacking SystemServo Motor Drive with Rack & Pinion
The Servo Motor is mounted on the moveable yellow carriage and its pinion meshes with gear rack mounted along the length of the track section. Although more expensive than rubber timing belts, the longer maintenance free life is worth the extra cost