Model 408 Vacuum Lifter







Model #408 is a Multi-position Vacuum Lifter Feeder that will take customers glass panels from one of several storage positions and introduce them, one at a time, into a central in-feed conveyor. A second head will remove protective paper interleafing in between sheets and place in a storage stack at the end of the machine.

Model #409 is a Multi-position Stacker that will take customers glass panels from a central in-feed conveyor and build a predetermined number of sheets at one of several storage positions. A second head will place interleafing protective paper between each sheet of glass.

  • Maximum Weight: 250 lbs
  • Cycle Time: 45 seconds
  • PLC Controlled
  • Pneumatic Powered

This system was built for one customer’s specific application. Allow us to custom build a system for your requirements.